In many ways this ministry is unlike any other. CPA is a vehicle of ministry for the committed Christian who wants involvement in helping people through aviation.

Experience has taught us that anyone can do something significant to satisfy the needs of great masses of
people if there is the willingness to become involved,
even on a limited basis.

It is safe to say, most of the people in our world are perplexed by the problems and difficulties of life, CPA is a ready-made, non-profit organization that promises the legal form for the sincere pilot, or non-pilot, who loves people, loves Jesus and loves flying, to “reach the world for Christ”. With prayer and a miracle-working God going before us, we can redeem the right equipment, save thousands of lives, and give them a spiritual rebirth through the Gospel that can and does provide them with a life of victory and peace, even amidst life’s trials and tribulations.


(1) Receive & believe Jesus Christ as Lord, God and Saviour,
(2) Affirm our Statement of Faith,
(3) Complete our application form.