Pilots that are available on a regular basis, we simply refer to as “active member pilots”. Active member pilots in our US flying program are committed believer pilots willing and able to serve from many major cities throughout the United States and other countries as well. We represent all the major denominations and disciplines. We are quite diverse. You name it, and we probably have someone who does it – doctors, lawyers, engineers, people from all walks of life – but all members have three common interests: they love the Lord, they love people, and they love flying (hopefully in that order).


We have divided the country into regions and appoint regional directors or, Wing Commanders. Members who are able to become involved in more than just general support and occasional flights are given the option to form a WING with Squadrons under them.

When a Commander serves part-time or in some cases, full-time, the operations and activities can run the gamut from fund-raising, enlisting members, and answering inquiries of prospective members and friends, corporations, civic, and fraternal groups. CPA has materials explaining the many ways pilots can get involved, and involve local churches, believers, and airports in CPA activities through the WING concept. Some are available through this website, others by mail from CPA.

There can be multiple Wings in each state depending on the number of qualified members, and funding. As satellite Wings are formed, the Commander of each will need to be accountable to state central coordinating branches called MISSION COORDINATING CENTERs, or MCCs, also with their own Commander. Down the road when several states have added satellite Wings with a state MCC, we may choose to form Regional Coordinating Centers, RCCs.

The purpose of the MCC and RCC is to insure common procedures, flight safety, training, and consulting on funding. Officers that start in CPA at the Wing level can move up to the MCC level and later to the RCC level in proportion to their spiritual commitment, and other basic factors


“Flying for Jesus and human need”. Active member pilots in our US flying program are given options to fly various missions that, either, are coordinated through the CPA national headquarters, or, flights that they are able to acquire by their own means on a local basis, such as through their own church.

Some of the types of opportunities are listed here but there are many more, some of which are explained els where in this website, such as on our “History” pages: we handle hardship medical cases, pastors or missionaries to church appearances, music/evangelism teams to churches, doctors and nurses on medical missions, disaster-relief flights, fact-finding missions, etc., etc. We also work through various evangelical agencies to alert ministry executives that we can fly them to any of the 11,000+ US airports that do not have commercial airline services.

When CPA is notified of a possible mission, we log the requested flight on computer and then notify our closest member volunteer. Cost of aircraft, fuel, and misc. trip expenses are handled according to the mission, aircraft, and pilot requirements, and based on prescribed FAA regulations. Pilots will give their time, and possibly provide other services, such as, leading singing, sing a song, lead a Bible study, etc. CPA thus becomes the conduit through which evangelical pastors, missionaries, and church executives are able to accept speaking engagements, otherwise not practical or possible