You don’t have to be a licensed pilot to join and/or participate in helping those in need!

We involve many volunteer doctors, nurses, dentists, professionals, and others willing to help people in need.

Please sign-up, or you may contact us by phone or E-mail if you have any questions and wish information on how you can be involved, many opportunities are out there, many doors are open for just the right person at the right time and place.

By Ruth Robbins

I am not a pilot, yet I belong to CPA. Why? What can non-pilots do in CPA?

Although it is a Christian organization that flies for Jesus and human need, worthy of the support of any Christian, I became really convinced of the dynamic and important work of CPA upon meeting the president, Howard Payne.

As a non-pilot with little interest in aircraft, I had accepted it as just another organization. However, after sharing with Howard, I began to catch his vision for the future of CPA and how it could affect the world.

Did you know that CPA could, as we have in the past with adequate funding, mobilize in less than 24 hours for worldwide disaster relief?

Calamities from all around the world can call for help, and Christian pilots, doctors and medical personnel, mechanics, builders, contractors, and other dedicated helpers can be ready to help in the name of Jesus.

The earthquakes in Guatemala, are an example of this. CPA was among the first to arrive with help. Large quantities of lumber and building materials were shipped in, as well as clothes and food for the helpless.

In the LaPaz, Baja, CA., flood, the Hawthorne wing of CPA was there within 24 hours helping the people in their hour of need.

But the future requires even more effort and unity in CPA. People of every profession are urgently needed to answer the call of Jesus for the world. We are told that in the last days there will be earthquakes, troubles and desolation’s. For that reason, Christ is raising up a force of dedicated men, and women that can reach the hungry and the desperate.

Perhaps you feel that you have no particular profession or talent to contribute, but that is not true. Many are needed to help gather supplies, packing it for shipment, and pray for the operation.

If you have a vision for the perishing world, and compassion for the lost, there is a vital place for you in CPA